z – Irish round towers and paramagnetic basalt – English version


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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of energies – natural, free and inexhaustible – Nature’s gift to us all. This book will allow you to understand how to work alongside this energy in harmony. It will also allow you to discover some practical applications for your garden, for agriculture or the environment. These atypical – and yet ingenious eco-friendly methods will help you to produce more abundant harvests, plants that are more resistant to hazards, and more fertile soil – using all-natural methods. Does this sound like a utopia to you? It’s the truth!

Loïc Etcheberry likes to stray from the beaten path, sharing with us his research on basalt, round energy towers and their many applications – striving towards a world where we have a greater respect for nature, and a more sustainable society. Dive in, and discover these paramagnetic techniques – and how to use them for the well-being of plants, crops and others. This book is here to help you out on the road towards the kind knowledge and know-how that will bring self-sufficiency and autonomy.

An agricultural re-evolution without petrochemicals is possible! We are all stakeholders in the world of tomorrow and the future of sustainability is being written today!

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